Born as a draftsman and intrigued by the make of all things, I was always interested in design in the broadest sense.

Because of my broad experience in many branches of digital design I can be of great value in many types of situation :
produce a personal website on short notice,
unlock and structure complex data through an easy to use and clear interface,
apply branding on new designs and creatives,
produce paper or digital mockups and wireframes,
design, develop and programme Flash animations and interfaces,
create photos, illustrations and graphics for website, leaflet or other medium...

Currently I mainly focus on web design and development, but photography, illustration and animation are no strangers to me.
Through my personal style and my skill as interaction designer and frontend developer I can produce designs which will stand out and be clear and accessible.

I like to think and talk about every aspect of the projects I work on, preferably in an informal business environment, where people passionately work on professional products.
I am always on the look out for colleagues who feel and do the same.